Introducing Measurments in Pre-K (3-4 year old kids)

How to make mathematics easier for them?

Make it fun! At this age, learning should be fun. When you are reviewing math at home with your children, make it exciting. Get them involved. When doing problems on paper, let them make some decisions. What kind of fruit should be on the tree? Would they like to draw the problems? Keep each time short and fun.


Measuring is an abstract concept for preschoolers, but they can learn measuring if you use simple, hands-on methods. Stress the reasons why we measure things along with the how. We measure things to compare them, to track changes or so another person can understand them.


Make a Balance


  • Hanger
  • Yarn
  • Plastic Cups

How to play:

Create a simple balance using two plastic cups attached to three strands of yarn each and hung from a child’s plastic hanger. The balance can be hung from any place you want. Then, you can measure whatever you want to see which object are heavier or how many do you need to match it.


Size Hunt


  • None

How to play:

Take the children on a nature walk “size hunt” to find things in the outdoor environment of different sizes. Ask them for something smaller than our fingernail, bigger than our hand, longer than our arm, smaller than our foot, bigger than our whole body, larger than a leaf, smaller than a house, etc.


Cookie Cutters Sizes


  • Different Cookie Cutters

How to play:

Many cookie cutters can be found that come nested in a variety of sizes. You can often find them for different holidays, for example, of pumpkins and hearts. Children simply put them in order from smallest to largest. To clean up, they must “nest” them in correct size order.


The Line Up


  • Objects like: Pencils, pens, crayons, glues, erasers, paint brushes, rulers, spoons, forks, candles, etc.
  • Tray

How to play:

Give your child several objects in disorder and then ask him to sort them by size in the tray. Make sure he’s not putting them out of order.

line up

Measure everything! (by me)


  • A piece of yarn

How to play:

Using a piece of yarn ask your child to measure everything around the house, to see what’s bigger or smaller or larger. It can be really fun the process of measuring things.





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